Capacity overview


Location Heerewaarden. Up to a length of 55 mtr., a draught of 1.4 mtr. and ship weight up to 500 tonnes, for newly built and repairs of all common vessels.
Lifting capacity above the slope 8 tonnes. 
Dry dock 1  'De Maas' Location Heerewaarden. Length 40 mtr., width 16 mtr. lift capacity up to 750 tonnes, for complete drying or floating dock jobs.. Lifting capacity above the dock 12 tonnes.
Dry dock 2  'De Waal' Location Dreumel. Length 35 mtr., width 14 mtr.lift capacity up to 750 tonnes, for complete drying or floating dock jobs.. Lifting capacity above the dock 20 tonnes. 
Mooring                Location Heerewaarden right near ths shipyard.
Location Dreumel has its own port.Lifting capacity at mooring locations 3.5 tonnes. 
Facility 1 location Dreumel:
- Shipbuilding, -construction and assembly facility 
  90 x 25 mtr.
- Lifting height 13 mtr., lifting capacity up to
  max. 60 tonnes.
Facility 2 location Dreumel:
- Bench work, -construction and assembly facility  
  125 x 15 mtr.
- Lifting height 7 mtr., lifting capacity up to
  max. 40 tonnes.
Because of its unique location on the river, large scale jobs can be transported across the water.

Crane capacity      2 Wharf cranes tower crane type of 60 mtr. with a working radius of 16 metres and a lifting capacity of 3.5 tonnes.
                            Mobile hydraulic crane with a capacity of 55 tonnes. 



Milling           type             between the centers       max turning diameter
1x Safop
1x Poreba
1x Poreba
1x Skoda
1x Clovis
1x Poreba
1x Tur 
25.000 mm
16.000 mm
10.000 mm
12.500 mm
14.000 mm
3.500 mm
3.000 mm 
ø 4.500 mm
ø 2.000 mm
ø 1.250 mm
ø 1.250 mm
ø 1.400 mm
ø 750 mm
ø 550 mm 



max. height                

max diameter
1x Stanko Sedin


2.500 mm

ø 3.200 mm 
Boring          Type               Spindle diam.    dim. table/workfloor     range  X/Y/Z  shaft in mm    
2 x Pegard  Tafel conv.  80 mm  1.250 x 1.250 mm  X:1.200    Y:800     Z:1.000 
1x Sacem Tafel NC  80 mm  800 x 1.000 mm  X:1.250    Y:1.000   Z:1.250 
4x Scharmann Tafel conv 130 mm 1.800 x1.500 mm  X:1.500    Y:2.000   Z:1.500 
1x Sacem Floortype NC  150 mm  14.000 x 5.000 mm  X:3.700    Y:10.500  Z:1.000 
2x Soraluce* Floortype CNC  ramtype  10.000 x2.500 mm  X:7.500    Y:2.500   Z:1.200 

*)Heidenhaini TNC 530 control with tool changer 40 pos. and programmable cutter head.

Milling cutters           Type                     dim. table/work floor  range  X/Y/Z shaft in mm    
2 x Tos  Universal    1.250 x 350 mm  X: 750     Y: 500     Z: 300 
1 x Soraluce* Bed milling CNC    5000 x 1.250 mm  X:3.500    Y:1.750   Z:1.000 

*)Heidenhain TNC426 control.

Other machines
Keyway milling            vertical           Keyway lenght 500 mm
Drilling machine           radial             Throat depth 3.500 mm and drilling diameter ø 80 mm in steel
Saws                          kaltenbach      sawing ø 250 mm
                                  bracket          sawing ø 500 mm
Straightening machine  hydraulic        For straightening shafts up to a diameter of 350 mm

Crane capacity for engineering works max.70 tonnes



- Specialised in manufacturing special constructions for industrie, shipbuilding, dredging industry and offshore.
- Welding facility for any welding technology, if required by certified welders.
- Automatic and semi-automatic welding equipment.
- Apart from common materials also specialised in non-ferrous metal.
- Computer-controlled torch cutting machine, dimensions 4.000 x 10.000 mm.
- Shears hydraulic 3.000 x 10 mm.
- Brake press hydraulic 3.000 x12 mm.
- Rollers 2.500 x 25 mm with pre-folding device.
- Crane capacity for construction department up to 60 tonnes. 



To assist you with failures, repairs and maintenance jobs either on-site or in our company by means of our extensive and versatile service, we have set up a specialised Service and repair department.
Some examples of the fields in which we can be of service to you:
- Propeller shaft repairs and parts supplies for any vessel.
- Adjustable propellers and parts supplies.
- Bow thrusters and thrusters.
- Ship steering technology, including hydraulic steering mechanisms, rudders and parts supplies.
- Deck tools and mechanical on-board installations such as winches and cranes.
- Mechanical on land installations.
- Machine tools and special mechanical engineering.
- Mechanical on-site jobs (propeller shaft casings and construction parts, on-site drilling and face machining.



- Daf XF 95 tractor with 2 (dual) axled drives.
- Nooteboom Semi low loader (3) three-axled loading capacity 30 tonnes.
- Goldhofer low loader (4) four-axled (remote-controlled) loading capacity 50 tonnes.
- Mobile hydraulic crane lifting capacity 55 tonnes.
- Rough terrain elevator platform working height 12 mtr.
- 3 x forklift trucks capacity 4 tonnes.
- 2 x forklift trucks capacity 1.5 tonnes.



- Own stock of the most common axle steel types up to a diameter of ø 400 mm.
- Own stock of steel plates: Shipbuilding steel plate Grade A + S355J2G3 (st. 52-3).
- Normal pipes and thick-walled pipes in all common sizes.
- Section iron in all common sizes.
- Own stock of non-ferrous materials such as bronze and cast-iron up to a diameter of 300 mm.



An extensive storeroom with a stock of:
- Any required manual tools.
- Any required special tools such as hydraulic power tools and disassembly tools.
- Most of the common fixing devices, hydraulic and ordinary fitting.
- Cutting machine tools.
- Measuring tools.
- Lifting tools, lifting means and tools for internal transport.
- The large stock of threading tool, wich we have built up over the years, is very special and allows us to produce virtually any type of known threading.



As you can see from the capacity overview, Sepers Group offers a wide range of technical facilities. In order to assure principals of the quality of our jobs and services, we have developed our own Quality Assurance system. It has been described in detail and recorded in the 'Sepers Group Handbook'.

Both the organisation and employees use this handbook as a starting point for business operations and job performance. This Quality Assurance method not only creates safety and trust but also enables our company to achieve its economic goals in a modern socially justified manner.
The handbook is available for your perusal in our offices.