Service and repair
Your Service and Repair partner!

Standstills are unthinkable in a 24 hour economy. The maritime industrial engine keeps turning and failures always occur unexpectedly. In such cases you must be able to trust a reliable partner who solves your problems. Sepers Service and Repair is that very partner for you. Our One-shop formula allows helping you quickly and expertly: taking the whole repair job to a single partner and a single point of contact, that is what works and helps you get back on your feet again!

Together with you, we set up a plan that makes jobs and lead times manageable. The way in which these jobs are executed shows the power behind the cooperation existing between the disciplines within Sepers Group. Our modern and well-equipped workshops allow us to deal with a variety of tasks in a fast and efficient manner. Parts that are not available we can produce ourselves. We have a large storeroom with a wide range of special tools, many common standard parts and a large stock of materials. Because of this efficiency, we can not only offer competitive solutions but also limit standstills to a minimum.

Some examples of the fields in which we can be of service to you:
- Prop shaft repairs for any vessel
- Adjustable propellers
- Bow thrusts and thrust installations
- Ship manoevring technology,including hydraulic steering mechanisms,
  Rudder and spare parts supplies
- Deck tools and on board installations such as winches and cranes
- Mechanical on land installations
- Machine tools and special engineering
- Mechanical on-site jobs (such as on-site drilling and face machining)

The Sepers Group has its own engineering department with a specialised drawing and documentation archive. That is where we produce work drawings and work out repair procedures. If required, the jobs can also be carried out under supervision of relevant classification societies.

Our company is nearly one hundred years old. During that time, we did not only gather a lot of knowledge and know-how but also set up a well-equipped company with advanced facilities, our own transport department up to 50 tonnes, a detailed national and international network with highly qualified staff employed either in our workshops or on-site!
The future challenge remains the same, providing a variety of national and international companies with the highest service quality.