Shipbuilding & repair
Well equipped for a safe trip!

In two easily accessible locations on the embankments of Europe's busiest rivers, the Maas and the Waal, you will find bothshipyards of the Sepers Group, including the following facilities:

Location Heerewaarden:
- Transversal slipway: (LxW) 55 mtr. x 10 mtr. (up to 1.5 mtr. draught),
  max 500 tonnes
- Dry dock, the Maas: (LxW) 40 mtr. x 16 mtr.
  Lifting capacity max. 750 tonnes
- Welding and constructionfacility: (LxW) 30 mtr. x 10 mtr.,
  lifting height 5 mtr., lifting capacity 6 tonnes
- Tower cranes: Along the whole bank and dock up to max 12 tonnes
- Mooring quay: vessels up to 135 metres

Location Dreumel:
- Dry dock, the Waal: (LxW) 30 mtr. x 13.5 mtr.
  Lifting capacity max 750 tonnes
- Shipbuilding and manufacturing facility (LxW) work floor 90 mtr. x 25 mtr.,
  lifting height 13 mtr., lifting capacity 60 tonnes
- Bench work and assembly facility (LxW) 125 mtr. x 15 mtr.,
  lifting height 7 mtr., lifting capacity 40 tonnes
- Own port for vessels up to 135 metres
- Crane capacity in the port and above the dry dock 20 tonnes

In these locations we can carry out the following tasks:
- Drying on the slope
- Drying in the dry docks
- Complete finish of newly built hulls
- Reinstalling motors in existing ships
- Building and repairing new ships and boats
- Replacing propellers
- Steering mechanism and rudders, newly built and repair as well as
  parts supply
- Fitting of nozzles
- Bow thrusters repair and maintenance as well as parts supply
- Prop shaft installation, newly built and repair
- Boring of prop shaft casings and rudder casings

The two large manufacturing facilities are weather-proof allowing for non-stop optimum quality production. In addition, we can avail ourselves of our own engineering department with a specialised drawing and documentation archive. That is where we produce construction drawings and use our knowledge to supervise jobs. If required, the jobs can also be carried out under supervision of all relevant classification societies.

These favourite locations, with the Netherlands largest supplier of propellers on hand, ensure that we can adequately meet your demands. Working together with professional staff of the Sepers Group departments we can offer you a unique One-shop formula. If required, we can work shifts or on-site ensuring short lead times and delivery against competitive prices.