Welding & construction
Constructive and Versatile!

Metaaldraaierij Sepers owns a varied construction division with an excellent location directly at the rivers 'Maas' and 'Waal'. We are specialised in the fabrication and special constructions that occur in:

- Industry
- Ship building 
- Dredging industrie
- Off shore

Examples include:
- Ship sections
- Ship parts such as prop shaft casings, rudders and hydraulic cranes
- Parts for dredging vessels and cranes
- Scrap processing machines and recycling equipment
- Hydraulic cylinders

Apart from processing various types of steel and related welding processes, the workshop is also equipped to process non-ferrous metal such as stainless steel and Cunial.
If required, the jobs can be carried out by certified welders. The expert staff is able to carry out specialist jobs. Both based on either drawings or templates, both newly built and repairs, in a word, precision jobs for high-end customer specific solutions for virtually any size and weight.

We have two large manufacturing facilities, which are weatherproof allowing for non-stop optimum quality production. Pre-treatment such as annealing and special welding procedures can be checked perfectly. The facilities unique dimensions allow indoor assembly and final fitting of complete installations such as installing hydraulic- electric installations and pipes.

The way in which the jobs are executed shows the power behind the cooperatio existing between the disciplines within Sepers Group. Our modern and well-equipped workshops allow us to deal with a variety of tasks in a fast and efficient manner. Parts that are not available we can produce ourselves. We stock a large quantity of materials and can avail  ourselves of a large storeroom with standard parts. Our experienced work preparation and engineering department is at your disposal.
This unique One-shop formula allows us to provide short lead times and deliver against competitieve prices.