Machining shop
Good at major tasks!

The heart of the Sepers Goup,situated directly at the river 'Maas', is our modern machining shop. With our varied machine park we can offer you a big variety of any machining jobs. Our unique location makes it possible to not only do regular jobs, but via the water we can even handle jobs of extremely big measurements. Our shipyard is completely prepared to take on these kinds of measurements.

New built and repairs are in good hands with us. Our speciality is the carrying out of very long turning jobs up to 25 meters centre distance and up to 25 meters centre distance and up to 4,5 meters turning diameter. For this we have available Europe's biggest lathe. But also for carrying out drilling, boring and surface machining of the most various forms we are well equipped.

Examples of our production are: maritime installations, offshore jobs, hydraulic and mechanical engineering installations, building construction and recycling machinery. The machine park and machining shop is linked to professionals with a lot of know how and years of experience. Through this we can achieve all possibilities to find the right solution for anything in the area of machining.
We can guarantee you an end product of very high quality because of our broad specialisation.
If needed all activities can be observed by a certification institute.

By combining other disciplines within the Sepers Group we are able, using a one-shop formula, to offer an efficient overall package. The optimum synergy of the various industrial sectors results in short lines of communication implying that we can meet your demands in a fast and flexible manner and offer jobs against competitive prices.

We continously aim for optimal service towards our customers. If needed we are available 24 hours a day. When things need to be shipped our own transport is at your service. Dismantling and installing parts produced by us can also take place at our own factory. From our wide range of stock of machining parts we are able to provide you with our service at any time.

Exact specifications can be found in the capacity overview.