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21 maart 2014

A big boy! 

On this picture you can see an example of a machined propellershaft that recently took place. The propellershaft with dimensions 1.400 / 550 / 16.000 mm having a weight of 70 metric tons!

Despite the fact that we had a lot of work we managed to machine this shaft within 10 days.


19 maart 2014

Turning large diameters 


19 maart 2014

Hydraulic coupling 

On these pictures you can again see one of our specialities on the field of hydraulic couplings.

The couplingflange had a big damage in the inner diameter (1:50). We have machined this diameter oversized. Then a oversized inner sleeve is machined and delivered. These activities took place under supervision of Bureau Veritas.


11 maart 2014

Lasercladden of a propellershaft 

Accompanied foto's shows a propellershaft with dimensions 1.250 / 450 / 15.000 mm and a weight of 25 metric tons. This shaft had on the piston side a heavy damage on the surface.





On our lath we have by means of lasercladding repair method been able to repair the shaft under supervision of GL/DNV classification bureau.





The last picture shows the end result.


28 februari 2013

Propellershafts marine vessel 

The straightening of long (propeller) shafts is a speciality of our machineshop. The shafts on these pictures were 25 mm bended and straightend by us within 0,5 mm. Finally were finnished machined the shafts. The application of this technic enables us to save time and costs for our clients. If desired the straightening can be done under supervision of all classification bureau's.


28 februari 2013

Welded constuction 

On our large Sacem floortype NC horizontal boring machine, we are able to machine large and very large welded constuctions.


28 februari 2013

Soraluce CNC bed milling machine 

On this milling machine with a capacity in X of 8 meters and 2 meter in the Y direction. We can execute complicated machining.


28 februari 2013

SWATH `Rhosneigr Bay` 

The upper deck part of the second vessel is in progress.